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This Fundraiser is to help our AFHA families raise money to pay their hockey tuition.  Our AFHA Players will receive up to $25.00 for every Volunteer they bring to the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest directly into the Player's AFHA account.  There is a total of 3 Winter Beerfest sessions: Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening.


We are asking all of our AFHA families to follow these steps to Volunteer for the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest if they want to receive the Volunteer credit in their player's AFHA account:

1) Please register each volunteer on the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest website the following way...


1b) You will need to register your Volunteers by T-Shirt size

1c) First Name will be the Volunteer's First and Last Name

1d) Last name will be the AFHA Player's Last Name

1e) Name of pre-registered Non-Profit group will be: Arctic Foxes 

1f) Example:  First Name: John Smith, Last Name: Cagnacci, non-profit group: Arctic Foxes

*** Volunteer registration starts on January 6, 2023.  There are a limited number of Volunteer spots available for each Beerfest session, and there are multiple non-profit organizations participating as Volunteers for Beerfest, so sign up your Volunteers as soon as possible.


2) Once you have completed the registration for all of your Volunteers on the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest website, please send an email to documenting the following information for all of your Volunteers...

2a) AFHA Player's name and team

2b) Volunteer's First and Last name

2c) Beerfest Date & Session they registered to Volunteer

2d) Example:  Jovie Cagnacci - G14, John Smith - Friday evening, February 24, 2023


3) When you arrive at the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest, you must get your Volunteer ticket bar code scanned through Beerfest to receive your T-shirt and cup.

3a) If your Volunteer does not scan their Volunteer ticket with Beerfest, then the AFHA Player will NOT receive the credit for that Volunteer in their AFHA account.  We need to make sure that all of our Volunteers are showing up at Beerfest.  Unfortunately, AFHA cannot give any player tuition credit for a Volunteer if AFHA does not receive the money from Beerfest for that Volunteer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email

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